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Without Habitat There Is No Wildlife

Photo by Salt Spring Island Conservancy

Who we are

We support conservation initiatives for wildlife and their habitats.

Wildlife Habitat Canada is a national, non-profit, charitable conservation organization that envisions a future where Canadians share a conservation ethic that recognizes the fundamental importance of wildlife habitats that are abundant, rich and support biodiversity.

Wildlife Habitat Canada supports habitat conservation projects throughout Canada.

We believe in the fundamental importance of wildlife habitats that are abundant, rich and support biodiversity.

wildlife habitat conservation projects supported across Canada
1.43 million
acres of wildlife habitat enhanced and conserved
$64 million
funding provided

Our Grant Programs

Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp Program

Natural Heritage Conservation Plan - Land Trusts Conservation Fund (NHCP-LTCF)

Community Conservation Action Program


Wildlife Habitat Canada. For the future of wildlife and people. Connect. Protect. Together.

Wildlife Habitat Canada is dedicated to nurturing abundant and diverse wildlife populations across the nation, achieved through strategic collaboration and informed conservation investments. At the core of our mission is the conservation of vital habitats, with a special focus on wetlands, upland habitats, and the protection of ecologically sensitive lands.

Our objectives include leveraging conservation funding, restoring habitats to preserve wildlife diversity, and leading collaborative efforts within the Canadian conservation community.

Our strategic priorities involve working alongside conservation partners to amplify our impact, supporting national conservation and climate initiatives, and encouraging Canadians to actively engage in nature conservation. By doing so, we aim to ensure the conservation and protection of Canadian wildlife habitats, foster a deeper connection between Canadians and nature, and establish Wildlife Habitat Canada as a beacon of conservation leadership, ensuring a legacy of diverse and healthy wildlife for generations to come.

Photo by Fel Boulanger

How you can Support


Support Wildlife Habitat Canada’s conservation efforts by making a donation today.


Explore our merchandise selection, where proceeds directly contribute to preserving wildlife habitats across Canada.


Join us in our mission to protect Canada’s wildlife habitats by volunteering your time and skills.

What’s Up at WHC


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    Photo by Wildlife Habitat Canada
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