Springtime at the Marsh – Green Winged Teal

by Pierre Girard

About the Painting

“I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for waterfowl. I grew up on the islands of Lake St-Pierre and I was able to observe the fauna and flora of this great archipelago at my leisure. In this painting, I have shown a pair of green-winged teal resting on a pile of vegetation, most probably gathered by a muskrat. The tree branch reminds me of the spring flood when debris are carried off by the current. A quiet scene, frozen in time, before the birds take off…” – Pierre Girard

About the Artist

Pierre Girard

From a young age, Pierre Girard has drawn the wildlife that surrounds him. A lover of nature, he has been reproducing it as faithfully as possible since 1987. His work gives him the opportunity to communicate the importance of preserving the wildlife and its environment. This self-taught artist likes open spaces where he can go backpacking to fuel his passion for nature.

It is his thirst for new territories that has brought him to the lands of Kenya. Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and the contrasting colors, he paints animal life with the sole objective of reproducing every movement and every look. In his paintings, he puts a lot of emphasis on the habitat and the species environment. His work progression is closely linked to his multiple travels in Africa, the United States, Europe, as well as his frequent journeys in the forests.

Each of his paintings is a small open window on the wildlife and an unforgettable memory…

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