2020 Cleland-Hura – Medallion Edition Print


Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Medallion Edition Print

Medallion Edition Prints are numbered out of 1,300 and signed by the Artist. This edition comes with a gold plated medallion.

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* A Mint or Artist Signed Stamp purchase is required with all editions.

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Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation lithographic Print featuring the painting image, “Come Spring – Northern Pintail” by Canadian wildlife artist, DJ Cleland-Hura.

*Please note:

    • A Mint or Artist-signed Stamp purchase is required with all editions.

The Stamp comes in a souvenir booklet

To learn more about the artist and painting click here.

The Stamp and Print  are a symbol of original Canadian art that serves to provide funds for conservation and draw attention to the importance of wildlife and their habitats. The image on the Stamp and Print is selected every year through an art competition.

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