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Welcome to Wildlife Habitat Canada’s Online Store!

All proceeds from the sale of Wildlife Habitat Canada’s products go back into conserving wildlife habitat through on-the-ground initiatives, education and stewardship efforts. Thank you for your support! 

Canadian Wildlife Habitat Fine Art and Stamp Products:

Please Note: If you are ordering a Print as well as other Stamp products, your full order can be placed through Wildlife Habitat Canada. 

If your order does not include a Print please place your Stamp order through Rousseau Collections, here.


Other Ways of Purchasing Conservation Products

You can also process your Print and Stamp order by contacting us:

Address: 247-2039 Robertson Road
Ottawa, ON   K2H 8R2  Canada

Toll free (Canada): 1-800-669-7919 x222



PLEASE NOTE: A separate Stamp does NOT need to be purchased to validate a Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit. Please click here for more information.