Competition Winner

2022 Nordic Light – White-fronted Goose

About the Artist

Initiated at a young age by his father who introduced him to the surrounding nature of the Lac St Pierre archipelago in Quebec, Pierre Girard quickly became passionate about the beauty of wild spaces. He began very young to draw and, subsequently to paint, the flora and fauna that surround him.

For Pierre, painting is also a way of educating the viewer to protect and respect our fragile and precious nature.

Pierre has previously appeared twice on Wildlife Habitat Canada’s “Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp”. First in 2010 with his Green-winged Teal painting and then again in 2018 with his Wood Duck painting. This years stamp featuring the White-fronted Goose marks his third competition win. 

About the Painting

“Nordic Light – White-fronted Goose”

I represented here cheerful geese, serene, looking into the distance of the immensity of the great Nordic spaces. The atmosphere was very important to me in this painting. The light accentuates the white of their foreheads, a magnificent moment of calm, of peace…of nature.

No photo equipment was used. I work with video, my own personal sketches. I like to see the animal move, it helps to understand its physiognomy. I’ve already seen white-fronted geese in the spring.

Pierre Girard