Competition Winner

2013 Break the Ice – Long-Tailed Ducks


Versatile artist, Claude Thivierge is an animal painter and illustrator.

As an illustrator, he is often asked to illustrate novels, magazines, encyclopedias, and other types of work for wildlife (David Suzuki Foundation, Discovery, Royal Ontario Museum, Commissioner of official languages…).

If versatility is his trademark in illustration, it is the more easily recognized “paw” in the field of animal painting! What most distinguishes the paintings by this artist are the eyes that “talk;” outstanding and bright eyes that determine the atmosphere and emotion of the scenes. Paintings imbued with a great tenderness, sometimes a certain curiosity of the animal, an inquisitive look, tender or naughty, always emphasize the personality of the subject.

Several works by Claude Thivierge have been award-winning in recent years (Ducks Unlimited – Quebec artist of the year / 2013 winner of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp… etc). Claude’s works were also presented at exhibitions held across Canada and reproduced in books on wildlife or birds, both here and abroad (United States, Australia and Europe).

Visit Claude’s website and view more of his artwork.


“The painting ‘Break the ice’ was inspired by winter walks on the edge of the river near my home. On this beautiful body of water is a small waterfall and rapids that carve through the ice on the edge of the shore. The initial idea for the painting was to highlight the bizarre and magical shapes in the ice and add these soft, elegant Long-tailed ducks. This piece has a lot of movement and texture in a uniformity of color.”  -Claude Thivierge