Lilly Pond – Ruddy Ducks

by Patricia Pepin

About the Painting

“Marshes and ponds are places I love to visit because the animal and plant life found there is abundant and diversified. I take great pleasure in painting pond lilies as well as water lilies and enjoy the challenge of doing justice to their beauty. In this painting, I placed the ruddy ducks alongside a yellow pond lily, in an attempt to emphasize their diminutive size.”

About the Artist

Patricia Pepin

The fields surrounding Patricia’s home in Bromont, Quebec were her first playgrounds. Her interest in nature began early with her fondness for frogs, bugs, and other creatures that hide under stones. Except for the lessons taken as a child, Patricia is mostly a self-taught artist, learning her skills from observing the work of other painters.

Light is very important to her and the subjects in her paintings are almost always bathed in sunshine. As an artist she tries to capture a fleeting moment in nature when the light is just right; a coyote’s furtive glance, the flash of orange of a goldfish or the graceful curve in a bird’s neck.

Patricia’s career in wildlife art began in 1997 when she saw the “Birds in Art” exhibition in Wisconsin, U.S. She was struck by the quality and diversification that was possible within the animal art genre. One year later one of her paintings was part of the same exhibition and her career as a wildlife artist has been going forward ever since.

Patricia has rightfully earned the recognition of her peers and plans to remain in the heart of the Wildlife Art Movement by continually producing exceptional paintings.

The artist currently lives in Bromont, Quebec.

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