Resting Time – Brant Geese

by Pierre Leduc

About the Painting

“Year after year, I see Brants passing by during their long migration to the Canadian Arctic. It is always a great show announcing that summer is coming up. And for my great pleasure, they land along the coast and in the islands to rest a little. They are smaller and more wary than the Canada geese; they should be observed discreetly.” – Pierre Leduc

About the Artist

Pierre Leduc

Born in Valleyfield in 1957, Pierre Leduc began his career as a scientific illustrator at the Université du Québec at Trois-Rivières. His botany professor showed him the rudiments of the discipline while he obtained his B.A. in biology. He worked for seven years illustrating scientific publications in ecology, zoology, entomology and especially botany.

He then discovered the world of nature painters and he fell in love! In 1986, he decided to work full-time as an artistic painter. His travels and excursions made him realize that nature can be a limitless source of inspiration. “I’m a contemplator who absorbs his surroundings.” Still today, he has the feeling of seeing nature with the amazed eyes of a child and still takes pleasure in discovering the living world.

To date, he has participated in 60 exhibitions and frequently cooperated with nature conservation agencies, and several of his art works have been used to illustrate stamps and coins.

The artist currently lives in Stoneham in Québec. You can view Pierre’s work on his website.

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