Competition Winner

2003 The Glance – Northern Shovelers


Patrice Wolput was born in Sabrevois, Québec, an agricultural town some fifty kilometers from Montreal. Growing up on his parent’s farm, he soon manifested a love of nature and a talent for drawing.

After earning a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Québec in Montreal, Patrice explored a number of different avenues related to his art. He worked as a set designer for television and scene painter for cinema, while continuing his work as a painter in his free time.

His fascination with nature led him to devote himself entirely to wildlife painting. The intimate link between an animal and its habitat holds particular fascination for him and his heightened and intuitive sense of this is obvious in his work.

The artist has taken part in a number of exhibitions in Canada and Europe. He received first prize from Ducks Unlimited in 1999 as artist of the year, a bursary from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, and has been chosen to create the collectors stamps for 2002 for the Fondation de la faune du Québec.

For more information about the artist, visit Patrice Wolput’s website.