Morning Light – Ross’ Geese

by Alan Sakhavarz

About the Painting

“I have an unforgettable memory of the beautiful contrast between the snow white plumage of these miniature versions of Snow Geese and the dark brown colours of tundra and shallow marshland. The morning light added further dimension to the beauty of these magnificent birds, whose alarmingly small population should be a warning sign to us to save and expand their habitats.”

About the Artist

Alan Sakhavarz

Alan Sakhavarz has been painting and drawing since childhood. For the past 16 years, he has been painting his favourite subject, wildlife. Alan is dedicated to his art and his love and admiration for nature is embodied through his highly accurate and meticulous works of art. Alan spends most of his time travelling to his subjects’ natural habitats, in order to study on site. A recent trip to the Northwest Territories and Central Arctic provided Alan with a first hand observation of the breeding ground for Ross’ Geese. His works have been shown in prestigious shows and galleries throughout Canada and the United States.

For more information, visit Alan’s website.

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