Northern Water – Common Eiders

by Brenda Carter

About the Painting

“In this painting I wanted the landscape to have as strong a presence as the birds, for without the arctic land and water the eider could not exist. The challenge was to produce a painting which expressed my deep feelings about the tundra, the beautiful individuality of the very different male and female bird, as well as construct a strong composition which would carry well as a stamp design.” – Brenda Carter, 1992

About the Artist

Brenda Carter

Canadian born, Brenda Carter traveled in the wilderness areas of the world for over 20 years. She traveled extensively through remote areas of the Canadian Arctic, the United States, Scotland, Africa and Greenland. Much of her field painting was done in wilderness areas, primarily in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. In 1964, Brenda first worked as an artist for the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian Wildlife Service, laying the early background for her understanding of biology, animal behaviour and anatomy…an integral part of her work. Her paintings reflect a deeply personal knowledge of the world she painted.

Brenda Carter passed away in 2010.

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