Late Fall – Black Duck

by Chris Bacon

About the Painting

“I felt that sunlight would have to be an integral part of the piece. It would be necessary in bringing out the subtleties of this beautiful bird. The use of reeds and their reflections proved to be a perfect vehicle for contributing to the strong linear design. And finally, the open water tends to provide some relief and necessary contrast against the black duck.” – Chris Bacon

About the Artist

Chris Bacon

Chris Bacon had his first one-man show in 1980. Twenty-two watercolours depicting wildlife were sold in five minutes and the career of this talented artist was launched. Ever since, his originals and occasional limited edition prints have been in high demand. In addition to strong compositional and technical skills, Chris Bacon has an eye for detail. He patiently renders that detail so that the viewer can absorb and understand the infinite subtleties and miniature masterpieces of nature. His subjects develop life, seemingly ready to burst from the confines of the painting.

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