Competition Winner

1986 Canvasbacks in Spring

About the Artist

Although without any formal instruction in art or natural history, J. Fenwick Lansdowne inherited abilities through his mother, herself an artist. By the age of 12 he had combined his two greatest interests, birds and drawing, to produce his first painting. So respected is Lansdowne’s artistry, that one of his paintings was Canada’s gift to Queen Elizabeth on the 25th anniversary of her coronation, to join other Lansdowne paintings in the permanent collection at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles and Lady Diana were also gifted with a Lansdowne as a wedding present.

About the Painting

Fenwick Lansdowne’s sensitivity is reflected in the anatomical accuracy of the royal pair, his feather-by-feather technique depicting the plumage and his bold use of colour, creates a striking copper-colored crown on the drake. “It is a species in trouble and the objective of WHC is saving and expanding the canvasbacks’ breeding grounds.” – J. Fenwick Lansdowne, 1986