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Federal Government announces Wildlife Habitat Canada to work with Canadian land trusts on extended NHCP-LTCF program


December 14, 2022, Ottawa, Ontario – In response to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s recent announcement of the extension of the Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) to 2026, Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) and working partner the Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts (ACLT), would like to say “Thank-you”.

WHC is pleased and honoured to partner with Canadian land trusts, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada through an extended NHCP. These partners will work to protect an additional 180,000 hectares by 2026.

Since 2007, this partnership model has made important contributions to conservation in Canada. The NHCP and its predecessor, the Natural Areas Conservation Program, has matched with nearly $450 million with nearly $875 million from other sources of funding to conserve and protect more than 700,000 hectares across Canada.

To effectively work in the name of Canadian land trusts, WHC will partner with the Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts (ACLT) on the Land Trusts Conservation Fund (LTCF) component of the NHCP 2023-2026.

WHC and the ACLT are hopeful for the future of the NHCP-LTCF program. We look forward to building on the demonstrated success of the NHCP-LTCF 2019-2023 and further solidifying the NHCP program as a great foundation for Canadian conservation.

“We are looking forward to the continued success of the NHCP- LTCF program, building further positive relationships with Canadian land trusts and continuing to help support the crucial work they do for Canadian conservation.”
– Susan Gesner, Board Chair, Wildlife Habitat Canada

“The ACLT welcomes the extension of the NHCP and the LTCF contribution of $18M to support land protection by Canada’s community and regional land trusts. This investment will support further great work by the Canadian land trust community for Canadian conservation.”
– Renata Woodward, Executive Director, Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts

“Achieving Canada’s 30 percent by 2030 land-conservation target will require the combined efforts of our federal government, provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous communities, business leaders, land trusts, and more. By working with partners such as Wildlife Habitat Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Ducks Unlimited Canada, we are helping to protect the natural environment across the country. Protecting land plays a vital role in helping to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, and contributes to the recovery of species at risk.”
– The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

• The NHCP will invest $18 million into the LTCF program over the course of 2023-2026.
• $27 million is anticipated to be raised as non-federal match.
• Since 2019 the LTCF program has delivered:
o $13 million in LTCF funds to land trust conservation projects nationwide.
o Raised over $51 million in other non-federal contributions, resulting in the investment of over $64 million in protecting private lands.
o Supported 34 land trusts, complete 92 projects in 7 provinces.
o Protected over 9K hectares of habitat, benefiting more than 70 species at risk.
o Engaged over 700 volunteers in great conservation work.

Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) is a leader in grant administration and conservation, through the NHCP-LTCF program, WHC will continue to deliver significant positive impact for Canadian conservation. Through the Stamp Program, WHC has provided over $62 million in grants to more than 1,600 habitat conservation projects across Canada since the development of the program in 1985. WHC’s work with communities, landowners, governments, non-government organizations and industry has leveraged additional funds for conservation issues, roughly $171 million invested.

The ACLT board and standing committee are comprised of leaders from land trusts and land trust alliances that represent the interests of land trusts across Canada, with expertise in land conservation leadership and experience supporting the development and delivery of the Land Trusts Conservation Fund (LTCF).

The Government of Canada’s Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a unique partnership that support the creation and recognition of protected and conserved areas through the acquisition of private land and private interest in land. To date, the Government of Canada has invested more than $440 million in the Program, which has been matched with more than $870 million in contributions raised by Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trust community leading to the protection and conservation of more than 700,000 hectares of ecologically sensitive lands.

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Cameron Mack, Executive Director, Wildlife Habitat Canada

WHC Official Press Release (PDF)

ECCC Official Press Release 

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