Wildlife Habitat Canada is a non-profit, conservation organization that conserves habitat, primarily by investing the funds from the sale of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and Print program. Since 1985, we have provided over $50 million in grants to more than 1,500 habitat conservation projects across Canada, which have helped safeguard important ecosystems and countless wild species. To learn more, please visit www.whc.org.


  • Provide a funding mechanism for wildlife conservation programs in Canada;
  • Conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat in order to retain the diversity, distribution and abundance of wildlife;
  • Foster coordination and leadership in the conservation community across Canada; and,
  • Promote the conservation contributions of waterfowl hunters and encourage waterfowl hunting participation.


For 35 years, Wildlife Habitat Canada (WHC) has been working to invest funds from the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (also known as the Canadian Duck Stamp) and Print program to support conservation projects across Canada.

A national art competition is held annually, where a panel of expert judges selects the winning original painting that will be featured on the upcoming Stamp and Print. These pieces become timeless symbols of Canadian art and culture. The Stamp must also be affixed to validate the federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit in Canada.

Funds collected from the Stamp are directed to habitat conservation and stewardship efforts across Canada through WHC’s grant program, sustaining a unique partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Canadian wildlife artists.

Since 1985, more than $50 million has been invested to support over 1,500 conservation projects across Canada.

Stamp collectors, art enthusiasts, individuals who care about the environment and the waterfowl hunting community can all come together to support Canadian habitat protection through the purchase of Stamps and Prints. WHC promotes and encourages this unique connection to our environment for all Canadians.