Wildlife Habitat Canada Joins Project Noah!

whc and projnoah2

Have you ever thought of being an explorer or scientist? Project Noah allows you to be both! This interactive tool allows you to explore and document wildlife and their habitat while sharing your information and photographs with other people, organizations and research groups around the world.

Project Noah is a software platform designed to help people reconnect with nature. “Noah” is an acronym for Networked Organisms And Habitats.  Through the use of your computer, Blackberry or smartphone you are able to capture and contribute to this ever growing initiative.

“I’m trying to bring back that wonderment; I’m trying to reignite that curiosity for the natural world that we had when we were younger,” – Yasser Ansari

How it works:

Users contribute photographs, details and locations of wildlife and their habitat over the internet. If you do not know what you have spotted, Project Noah’s community will help you identify it. As a user, you can browse through thousands of photographs and information on species of interest. The program also allows you to see spottings in your area posted by other explorers.

Project Noah also awards patches to users who complete certain tasks, the more you participate and post on the website, the more patches you earn!

Wildlife Habitat Canada has joined Project Noah in an effort to increase youth awareness of the benefits of wildlife, wildlife habitat and nature in general.  Wildlife needs us and we need wildlife.  Forests, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems (to name a few) affect us every day, whether to supply oxygen, remove pollutants from the environment, create food and medicine or supply materials. Nature and wildlife also affect us on a personal level; being outdoors changes our mood in a positive way, it enhances our brains’ ability to concentrate and retain information, it can decrease our stress levels and it can even improve our sleeping habits.

With all of these benefits why stay indoors?

Join Wildlife Habitat Canada’s Grand Fall Migration Mission today on Project Noah and experience what it is like to be a true wildlife explorer. Enjoy a new adventure with friends and family with a little bit of learning along the way!

How to join, how to help:

Interested in joining our mission? Step 1: Register for Project Noah here; Step 2: Link to our mission by clicking here.

Are you a teacher or youth group leader? Project Noah has a page dedicated to you and your students, click here.

Interested in donating to conservation? Please click here .

When you purchase a Wildlife Habitat Canada Product, a minimum of 80% of our annual revenue is given back to wildlife habitat through our competitive grant program. Please click here to view our online store.

For more information on Wildlife Habitat Canada please visit our website at www.whc.org.