WHC Becomes Main Philatelic Product Provider

Effective April 1, 2013, Canada Post no longer offers Wildlife Habitat Canada philatelic stamp products (“Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp Products”) for sale. WHC is now the main distributor of these philatelic items, which include: Mint Stamps, Artist Signed Stamps, 16-pane Stamp Sheets and Corner Blocks.

*Please note that Canada Post still offers the Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit for sale through its locations.

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The vast majority of conservation stamps are purchased by waterfowl hunters, as the stamp comes affixed to the federal Migratory Game
Bird Hunting Permits to validate the permit; however, stamps are also sold to print purchasers, 
stamp collectors, and individuals interested
in contributing to the conservation, restoration and enhancement 
of wildlife habitat in Canada.

Wildlife Habitat Canada is pleased to offer the following philatelic products for sale:

  • Mint Stamp (also known as “Souvenir booklet”)
  • Artist Signed Stamp (also known as “Artist Signed Souvenir booklet”)
  • 16-stamp pane in folder
  • Corner (4-pane) blocks in folder (UL, LL, LR, UR)


Did you know…?

The image on the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp is also available as a:
  • Limited Edition, Medallion Edition, or Executive Edition Print
  • Lapel Pin


Placing your Order

Orders can be made:

  • by telephone (1-800-669-7919 OR 613-722-2090 extension 222); or
  • by faxing a completed [rokdownload menuitem=”25″ downloaditem=”283″ direct_download=”true”]order form[/rokdownload] to 613-722-3318


Looking for a philatelic product from a previous year?

Wildlife Habitat Canada may have what you’re looking for! Please call (1-800-669-7919 x222) or email (orders@whc.org) us for availability.


Philatelic “Fun Facts”: 

The “Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp” is sometimes referred to as the:

  • Canadian Duck Stamp
  • Canadian Waterfowl Stamp
  • Permit Stamp
  • Habitat Stamp
  • Conservation Stamp


The first Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp was released in 1985 and featured the image “Mallard Pair – Early Winter” by
Canadian wildlife artist, Robert Bateman.

Images by Robert Bateman have been featured on three Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamps: 1985, 1988 and 2009.

Wildlife Habitat Canada will be celebrating 30 years of conservation in 2014. The species for the 2014 Stamp is the Cinnamon Teal.