Ontario Releases “Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature”

Earlier this month, the Ontario Government released an implementation plan to conserve biodiversity, which will enable the province and its partners to better work toward halting biodiversity loss and advancing recovery. 



“In Ontario we are fortunate to be surrounded by a spectacular environment with an amazing abundance and variety of natural wealth and beauty. We live in a province that is home to many kinds of plants and animals as well as the forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers they live in – this is our biodiversity! Take a deep breath; that clean air is brought to you by biodiversity – have a drink of water; that too is provided by our biodiversity; so is the food we eat and the fibre we use; and we wouldn’t have our beautiful natural areas and outdoor recreation without biodiversity.


The Ontario Government is pleased to release Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature. This is an ambitious implementation plan that sets out the actions the government will undertake to contribute to the vision and goals outlined in Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011, released by the Ontario Biodiversity Council in 2011. This plan will enable the province, together with our partners, to better work toward halting biodiversity loss and advancing recovery. We invite you to read the implementation plan and learn more about what the Ontario Government is doing.


So, next time you are surrounded by the wonder of our natural world, just think about all of our amazing biodiversity – after all; life really is brought to you by biodiversity!” –OMNR, http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/Biodiversity/index.html


Click here to view the Plan.