ONLINE access to MGBH Epermit has been restored!


WHC is happy to announce that the Environment and Climate Change Canada website used to purchase your online MGBH Epermit has been restored and is up and running.   Click here for direct access to the online form.

This permit is required for all Migratory Game bird hunting in Canada. The cost of the permit ($17.00) includes your Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp which is invested in WHC’s activities to support conservation work all over the country. 

WHC thanks you for your investment in conservation.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp is required to validate your MGBH permit.  This stamp is included in the purchase of the permit. It is therefore not required that you purchase an additional stamp to validate your permit. 

WHC wants to hear from you!  We have recently launched a Social Media campaign to find out what the WHC Stamp means to you.  Once you’ve received your permit, take a selfie of you and your stamp and post it to social media using the hashtag #whcstampmeans to win great prizes, including a limited edition print of the 2017 winning artwork.  CLICK HERE for more details.

Thank you for your patience and happy hunting.