NEW! 2016 Canadian Duck Stamp

Offshore Wind – Surf Scoters


Wildlife Habitat Canada is pleased to announce that the 2016 Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp
image was created by Pierre Leduc of Quebec. Pierre’s image is our 32nd stamp image. 


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Did you know…?

Pierre Leduc is no stranger to the art competition for the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (Canadian Duck Stamp): his artwork has also been featured on the 1995 (Redhead), 2002 (King Eider) and 2006 (Brant Geese) Stamps!


The Surf Scoter

The Surf Scoter is a large sea duck which breeds in Northern Canada and Alaska, and winters along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The drake is easily identified by a full black body, except for white patches on the nape and forehead, and its unique bulbous red, yellow and white bill. The hen is fairly uniform in colour from dark to black-brown with two whitish patches at the base of the bill and behind the eye. The Surf Scoter is known for its keen eye sight and the ability to fly fast and close to the water’s surface.