2013 Youth Stamp

Wildlife Habitat Canada is pleased to announce the unveiling of the 2013 Canadian Youth Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp “A Nose Knows”.

2013 youth stamp image front sm

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2013 stamp

The artwork for the 2013 Canadian Youth Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp was created by MacKenzie Hill, age 17, of Barrie Ontario.

2013 ys mackenzie

Here is what MacKenzie says about her painting, entitledA Nose Knows“:

“I chose to paint the fox because I have always had soft spot for foxes. I saw my first fox when I was looking out of a window, and a mother fox was leading her kits across a road. That was years ago but the image of her running across that road with her babies trailing along behind her has stayed with me and always brings a smile to my face. I hadn’t seen a fox since then, not until I was on my way to a trail ride and a red blur darted across the road. As the fox reached the tall grass he turned back and stared at us over his shoulder, it was striking. That experience lead me to choose a fox for my piece. I have been doing digital art for less than a year, but I enjoy it a great deal and plan to continue it in the future.” 


MacKenzie’s image is also displayed on the front cover of the 2013 Canadian Wildlife Federation Get to Know Calendar and as the month of December. 

2013 g2k calendar