NEW! 2012 Youth Stamp

Wildlife Habitat Canada is pleased to announce the unveiling of the 2012 Canadian Youth Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp “Curious Visitor”.


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The artwork for the 2012 Canadian Youth Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp was created by Carson Visser, age 14, from Burlington, Ontario.


14 Year-old Carson Visser Painting in his studio.

Here is what Carson says about his painting, entitled “Curious Visitor

“Seeing a Barred Owl while hiking in its natural habitat was very special for me. I’ve often heard owls in the distance but this was the first time I’ve seen and heard one up close in the wild. My family and I hushed at the sound of the owl’s hoot. Everything was quiet – even the songbirds were silent. We stopped, our eyes captivated by the owl’s dark, mysterious eyes that seemed to be sizing us up. The owl didn’t seem bothered by our presence as it let out a haunting “Who-Cooks-For-You!” song that rang through the forest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment and I knew I just had to try and capture it in a painting.

 “I was so intrigued by the owl’s call and dark eyes that I wanted to make the forest foliage reflect the same mystery.”



 Carson’s image is also displayed on the front cover of the 2012 Get to Know Calendar and is used for the month of November