Ducks Unlimited Canada Honours Wildlife Habitat Canada

Wildlife Habitat Canada was recognized for their contribution to habitat conservation by Ducks Unlimited Canada on August 24, 2011 at Atocas Bay.


jim len and mark

Wildlife Habitat Canada President Len Ugarenko (middle) with Ducks Unlimited Canada Staff Jim Brennan (left) and Mark Gloutney (right)


Wildlife Habtiat Canada President Len Ugarenko gave the following remarks at the ceremony marking this occasion.

“On behalf of the Wildlife Habitat Canada Board of Directors and staff it is a pleasure and honour to accept this recognition award from Ducks Unlimited Canada. Ducks Unlimited Canada is the leader in wetland conservation across Canada. They were there when Wildlife Habitat Canada was formed in 1985 and for the past 27 years they have been one of our most valued partners. We look forward to continuing this partnership long into the future. Thank you!”


sign unveilingDucks Unlimited Canada staff unveiling the new sign at Atocas Bay

group with sign

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Wildlife Habitat Canada Staff with the new Atocas Bay Sign 
From left to right: Nancy Giguere, Lynette Mader, Owen Steele, Lee Roy, Jim Brennan, Len Ugarenko, Mark Gloutney, Jill Thursby, Julia Longpre, Heather Gamble, Erling Armson, Julie Cayley, Rick Robb

erling and nose pump

Ducks Unlimited Canada Biologist Erling Armson demonstrates how a ‘nose pump’ works


One of the over 250 ponds that have be restored at Atocas Bay