Centennial of the Migratory Birds Convention

centennial convention text

Celebrating 100 Years of International Bird Conservation

“2016 marks the centennial of the Convention between Canada and the United States for the protection of migratory birds. The Migratory Birds Convention laid a foundation for the conservation of birds that migrate across international borders.” Environment and Climate Change Canada

The principles of the Convention are to manage migratory birds for sustainable uses, including harvest, to restore depleted populations, and to provide for and protect the necessary habitat. Canadian hunters and birdwatchers continue to play an important role in collecting population data and supporting conservation projects – thank you for your ongoing contributions!

Migratory birds

  • “…connect people with nature and add beauty, sound and color to our world. They provide countless opportunities for enjoyment by birders, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts and have cultural and spiritual importance.
  • …contribute environmental benefits, including pollination, insect and rodent control, and seed dispersal.
  • …are good indicators of environmental health because they are so visible and relatively easy to study. Studying birds can give us a picture of what is going on in the world.”

Visit Environment and Climate Change Canada‘s website to learn more about the Convention and the ways that you can help conserve nature for birds!