40 years working in conservation

Hello folks, 

This year marks my 40th year working in natural resources conservation.

Some of my longstanding colleagues reminisce about “the good old days” of natural resource management. They’re wrong!

Truth is, the “old days” weren’t that good. Natural resources have never been managed better than they are now:

  • The science, tools and information to support policy and decision-making are much better;
  • The general public is more aware of the importance of wildlife habitat conservation;
  • People who work in conservation are as committed as ever, and have better training and knowledge;
  • Broader partnerships involving governments, indigenous peoples, NGO’s, local communities and the private sector have greatly expanded our conservation efforts.

Today’s challenges are bigger and more complex. “Wicked problems” such as climate change, invasive species and mega-development of resource industries are all taking their toll on people, wildlife and their habitats.

Fortunately, some things haven’t changed.

For example, migratory game bird hunters continue their commitment to conservation through their on-the-ground stewardship efforts and contributing funding for conservation by purchasing the Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp.

For over 30 years, Wildlife Habitat Canada has put Stamp funds to work, contributing over $55 million for wildlife habitat conservation across Canada, funding over 1500 conservation projects and conserving more than 96,000 acres of wildlife habitat. Each Stamp dollar leverages about $7 in partner funds/contributions.

Even if you don’t hunt migratory game birds, buying the Stamp (or a limited edition wildlife print) is one of the best conservation investments you can make. Find out more at here.

– Cam Mack  (Executive Director of Wildlife Habitat Canada)