The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable


The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable (CWR) is a partnership of environmental non-governmental organizations, industry and government focused on implementing a National Wetlands Conservation Strategy for Canada through collaborative policy development and communication activities for effective wetland habitat conservation in Canada. The CWR has developed a terms of reference and continues to refine the strategic plan and business case and secure ongoing funding. In 2016/17, the CWR will continue to build the organizations governance and implement the strategic plan. In addition the CWR will further establish the collaborative network in Canada by holding a policy symposium focused on Ecological Goods and Services.

Contribution to Goal #3 of the 2012 NAWMP Revision: “Growing numbers of waterfowl hunters, other conservationists, and citizens who enjoy and actively support waterfowl and wetlands conservation.”
The overall outcome of an established and active Canadian Wetlands Roundtable will be a national policy voice that can clearly and consistently communicate to the public and government the value of wetlands and the need to for responsible management, use and conservation of Canada’s Wetlands. This outcome will be driven by CWR members collaborating on policy development and activities and incorporating them into the management and communication strategies of their individual organizations.

For 2016/17, the CWR will implement their strategic plan with a particular focus on developing key wetland conservation policy solutions that will be practical and implementable and built on objective, credible and science-based information. This will include a wetlands oriented Ecological Goods and Services symposium that will bring together CWR members and a wider audience of organizations and experts. CWR members have identified this as an important policy area that requires further detailed discussion

Long-term conservation impacts and benefits
Execution of this project will foster the participation of a diverse array of stakeholders in a national dialogue on the utility of EG&S concepts in wetland conservation. The symposium will result in a policy framework for government to apply in their wetland conservation efforts and will also identify the tools and practices stakeholders can use when planning wetland conservation activities.

Generally, the symposium and the CWR efforts will improve awareness of the critical needs for wetland conservation among groups with significant interests in wetlands. The outcome will be conservation based in sustainable use and development with progressive national standards for policy and conservation.