The Conservation Stamp = Investment in Conservation

The funds generated from the sale of the Conservation Stamp are invested in conservation projects across Canada through WHC’s grant program Habitat Conservation Stamp Initiative, and support activities such as:

  • Wetland conservation
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Migratory game bird research
  • Stewardship efforts and connecting Canadians with nature
  • Hunter recruitment and education
  • Tools and science to combat invasive species

For only $8.50, you can make a difference!

More Conservation Stamp dollars raised means more funds are available for critical projects that help to conserve our important wildlife and their habitats!

Anyone can buy a Conservation Stamp!

Whether you are a birder, hunter, outdoor enthusiast or simply want to help preserve our natural resources for future generations, you can make a contribution today by purchasing a Conservation Stamp!

For maximum impact, you can sybolically purchase a stamp (donation). You will receive an electronic copy of the stamp,  and 100% of your donation will go towards habitat conservation. 

You will receive a physical stamp to collect and display, and a portion of your purchase will go towards habitat conservation.  (Additional shipping and handling fees apply)

Since 1985, Wildlife Habitat Canada has provided over $55 million in grants to more than 1,500 habitat conservation projects across Canada. We envision a future where Canadians share a conservation ethic that recognizes the fundamental importance of wildlife habitats that are abundant, rich and support biodiversity. Wildlife Habitat Canada – Charitable registration no. 11929 8131 RR0001