We are pleased to invite you to participate in a review of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp Program. The review is part of an evolving process, with the aim of making the program better through the implementation of our collective ideas and responding to changes in the market.

We want you to be satisfied with the program; therefore, your input is essential in shaping its future direction.

This is meant to be an anonymous review of the program. We would like you to be frank and open about your answers, therefore, we ask that you do not put your name anywhere in this questionnaire.

Questionnaires must be completed by March 31, 2019.

Please contact Shams Kaddoura, Program Coordinator (1-800-669-7919 x 222) if you have any questions.


    1. We are interested in obtaining your feedback on the format of the art competition and the selection process for choosing an image for the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp. Please indicate which of the following scenarios you would prefer:

    SCENARIO 1 - Maintain the annual art competition by invitation only.

    • New artists interested in competing will be asked to submit samples of their work to be reviewed by WHC.

    • The current list of invited artists will be assessed based on feedback from the judges with respect to the artists’ submissions in previous WHC art competitions. Artists that have not reached round 2 of the judging process in two consecutive years of the competition will be asked to provide samples for reassessment.

    • For the Art Competition, as with previous competitions, WHC will convene a panel of judges to select the image for the Stamp from submissions provided by invited artists.

    • The winning artist receives a $5,000 award for winning the competition, retain ownership of the original painting and receive associated product royalties (e.g., on sales of signed Stamps, Limited Edition Prints, etc).

    SCENARIO 2 - Eliminate the annual Art Competition and commission an artist annually.

    • This scenario would involve the annual art competition being replaced by the commissioning of an artist to create the image for the Stamp.

    • The commissioned artist receives $10,000 for being commissioned, retains ownership of the original painting and receives associated product royalties. (e.g., on sales of signed Stamps, Limited Edition Prints, etc).

    If you selected Scenario 2, which of the following options would you prefer:

    Option 1 – WHC will establish a committee to select an artist to be commissioned; or,

    Option 2 - WHC would request the previous year's winning artist to establish the committee to select the artist to be commissioned.

    2. Do you feel that the above scenarios offer fair compensation?



    3. What are the benefits to you, the artist, in participating in the Art Competition for the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp?

    The competition has given me profile and has had a positive impact on my career.

    By participating in the competition, I believe that I am making a positive contribution to habitat conservation in Canada.

    I have the benefit of WHC’s network of contacts.

    I will be financially compensated for winning the competition.


    4. Does WHC provide an adequate profile and recognition for the winning artist?



    5. Would you receive a greater profile and recognition for winning an art competition or for being commissioned to create the painting for the Stamp?

    Winning an art competition


    6. Who do you feel should be on the panel of judges that selects the winning painting?

    7. Are you familiar with the Federal and State Duck Stamp programs in the United States?



    8. How many years have you participated in the WHC art competition?

    0-1 years

    2-3 years

    4-5 years

    More than 5 years

    9. Have you ever won the WHC art competition or been commissioned to create the painting for the Stamp?



    If you answered yes to the question 9, what is your overall opinion of your relationship with WHC during that timeframe?

    WHC had a positive impact on my career as an artist.

    There were delays or other problems with the program that should not have occurred.

    WHC followed the program in a timely and professional manner.

    I feel that I contributed to habitat conservation.


    10. Do you participate in other art competitions?



    11. How long does it take to create your painting, from start to finish?

    0-2 months

    3-6 months

    More than 6 months

    12. Do you have any other opinions or comments about the selection process for the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp?

    13. Please feel free to provide comments or suggestions about the program

    (i.e., ideas for new products, recognition for artists, artist events, or corporate connections, etc.).