Youth Hunting & Wildlife Heritage Workshop

Final Project Report: Youth Hunting & Wildlife Heritage Workshop, 2012-2013

Goals and Objectives

Long Point Waterfowl considers youth mentorship and education a key component of wildlife conservation and management as well as to the future of our hunting heritage. Thus, we have developed the Youth Hunting & Wildlife Heritage Workshop (YHWHW), to instil in youth a keen interest in our hunting heritage and a passion for wildlife conservation and management.  All youth participants (and their parents if they chose to also take the course) receive their Hunter Education, Firearms Safety and Turkey Course Certification. The YHWHW is designed to instil in the current generation of youth the importance of our hunting and wildlife heritage. It is important that youth experience the outdoors in an exciting and hands-on way as this will provide the impetus for them to take part in their outdoor heritage and pursue careers in wildlife or habitat conservation.

The goals of this project are, for each participant:

1) Certified to apply for a FAC Permit and to purchase an Ontario Outdoors Card

2) Know about the history of waterfowl hunting, the role of hunting in wildlife conservation, and the importance of hunting

3) Ability to identify ducks and geese;

4) Know about waterfowl and wetland conservation

4) Safe gun handling

5) Becomes familiar with the body structure and feathering of waterfowl and with birds of prey

6) Knowledge and ability to hunt wild turkeys


July 22 to 27, 2012: Each participant will be able to acquire and possess a firearm for hunting and will be able to buy hunting license. Each participant will get instructions about waterfowling heritage, importance of hunting, waterfowl identification, waterfowl conservation and management, hunting advocacy in Ontario, and also a taxidermy demonstration.

Specific Habitat Products/Results Supported by WHC’s Contributions

WHC contribution will support the education and mentoring of youth apprentice hunters, each of which will gain an appreciation of habitat conservation and all the certification necessary to begin hunting. Through the future purchase of duck stamps, development of conservation appreciation, volunteering, and possibly a career associated with wildlife, this program will most certainly advance the goals of WHC. The total cost of program delivery is $16,600 per year, which is $830 per participant. WHC support will allow us to keep registration fees low enough to be affordable for most Ontario residents. 

Benefits to Waterfowl, Wetlands-Associated Species, and/or Other Wildlife

Through classroom teaching education, mentoring and hands-on activities youth will learn the role of hunters (and WHC through duck stamp dollars) in the conservation and management of our wildlife resources.

Project Location

This educational project was conducted at the Research and Education Centre, Teepee Farms, and Waterford Sportman’s Club, in Port Rowan, ON.

Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Ted Barney, Biologist, Long Point Waterfowl, Port Rowan, Ontario.