The Manitoba Wetland Enhancement and Duck Production Project, 2015-16

Final Report: The Manitoba Wetland Enhancement and Duck Production Project, 2015-16

Goals and Objectives

Working within the context of the Prairie Habitat Joint Venture’s draft implementation plan and the associated waterfowl science, The Manitoba Wetland Enhancement and Duck Production Project will improve wetland habitat and waterfowl production in Manitoba’s Prairie Pothole Region. With a focus on mallard production, this project will directly influence 4,255 acres of habitat by 1) permanently protecting 400 acres of existing high-value waterfowl breeding habitat, 2) protecting 600 acres of wetland habitat for 10 years, 3) permanently restoring 60 acres of wetland and upland habitat and 4) vastly improving nest success through the installation of 400 new Hen Houses and the maintenance of another 2,130, resulting in 3,195 acres of wetland enhancement.


The goals of this project are:

  1. Increase waterfowl production in Manitoba by restoring lost habitat in Manitoba’s NAWMP Delivery Area
  2. Increase waterfowl breeding success in Manitoba’s NAWMP Target Landscapes
  3. Maintain waterfowl carrying capacity in Manitoba


Specific Habitat Products/Results Supported by WHC’s Contributions

Funding from WHC will be used to support the delivery of perpetual conservation easements on 400 acres of wetland and upland habitat. Specifically, funds will be used to conduct habitat assessments, documentation and mapping, agreement negotiations, caveat registration and completion. In addition, WHC funds will support the delivery of habitat restoration prescriptions including project design, construction, restoration material purchase and project reporting. Lastly, WHC funds will be used to purchase and install 335 Hen Houses.


Benefits to Waterfowl, Wetland-Associated Species, and/or Other Wildlife

The immediate result of this wetland retention, restoration and enhancement work is that approximately 4,160 additional mallards will be fledged in the spring of 2016, along with lifecycle benefits for a variety of other waterfowl and wetland-associated species.


Relevance to Habitat Planning, Decision Making and/or Management

This project will directly influence wetland use and conservation by permanently protecting 400 acres of wetland habitat and restoring 60 acres of wetland and associated upland habitat. In addition, an estimated 600 acres of previously unprotected wetland habitat will be protected and enhanced under 10-year term agreements. Whether conserved in perpetuity or for 10 years, these agreements will limit the land use to activities compatible with waterfowl production. The land use limits placed on these habitats will also provide benefits to a variety of wetland associated birds and other wildlife.


The conservation of wetland habitat and other natural areas is also foremost in watershed management plans that are in place across the project’s target area. By protecting habitat in this region, the project will be contributing to the water management objectives contained within these plans.


Project Location

This project is located in the Prairie Pothole Region of Manitoba, within NAWMP target landscapes and delivery area.


Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Stephen Carlyle, Program Development Manager, Winnipeg, MB.