Reverse Actions – Keeping water on the land with Reverse Auctions, 2014-15

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this project is to implement conservation activities that will improve and maintain waterfowl production in the Whitewater Lake watershed and adjacent wetland and upland areas in Manitoba. Site-specific works will restore lost wetland function, as well as retain and enhance existing waterfowl habitat.

In addition, a novel, reverse auction approach to conservation delivery will be used to voluntarily engage landowners and serve as a tool to facilitate the discovery of a payment structure for conservation actions.

The goals of this project are:

1) Maintain and preserve waterfowl habitat in Manitoba

2) Enhance waterfowl habitat in Manitoba

3) Improve watershed health and function

4) Demonstrate the implementation of reverse auction conservation program delivery


Specific Habitat Products/Results Supported by WHC’s Contributions

Funding from WHC will be used to support the delivery of habitat conservation projects. This will include the provision of specialised geographic information system analysis to the project and project partners, habitat assessments and documentation, site-specific project reconnaissance, project supervision, landowner negotiation and contract registration and completion. Purchase of land, conservation easements and other conservation contracts will be achieved with funds from other partners.


Benefits to Waterfowl, Wetland-Associated Species, and/or Other Wildlife

In total, 244 species of birds have been observed within the Whitewater Lake Important Bird Area. The following are estimates of annual bird usage, based on available bird surveys, including five species and two guilds with populations exceeding IBA Global rank thresholds.



Relevance to Habitat Planning, Decision Making and/or Management

This project will directly benefit wetland and associated upland habitat, in both the long- and medium-term, through the completion of perpetual conservation easements and 10-year conservation contracts. Through these two types of agreements, wetland and upland habitat will be conserved, enhanced and/or restored. These actions directly contribute to achieving NAWMP waterfowl goals in Manitoba.


Project Location

This project takes place in Deloraine, Manitoba. Specifically within the Turtle Mountain Conservation District and intersects with two NAWMP Target Landscapes (Killarney and Turtle Mountain)


Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Stephen Carlyle, Program Development Manager, The Manitoba Heritage Corporation, Winnipeg, MB.