Pothole Preservation in NAWMP Target Landscapes 2012-2013

Final Project Report: Pothole Preservation in NAWMP Target Landscapes, 2012-2013

Goals and Objectives

This project conserves wildlife habitat by permanently protecting 1,650 acres of wetland and associated upland habitat
in the highest priority Manitoba landscapes as identified in Manitoba’s North American Waterfowl Management Plan
(NAWMP) Implementation Plan. Protection of this habitat will ensure that waterfowl species will always have areas within
which to breed and raise broods. Further, by conserving habitat within predefined target areas, MHHC is working to
maximize its conservation impact by clustering habitat protection proximate to its, and Manitoba NAWMP partners’,
other conservation and enhancement works. Wildlife Habitat Canada funding will contribute to this effort by providing
resources for the delivery of conservation easements with partner funding going towards acquisition costs.

The conservation of waterfowl habitat, both wetland and upland, is identified as a main objective within the NAWMP. As
a result, Manitoba has established habitat retention objectives for “Target Landscapes” identified in Manitoba. These
Target Landscapes are where MHHC will be focussing its efforts to conservation 1,650 acres of waterfowl habitat. As
such, conservation of this habitat will directly address NAWMP priorities for Manitoba as established in the Manitoba
NAWMP Implementation Plan.

This project will provide benefit to other migratory game birds by ensuring natural habitats that are critical or supplemental
to their habitat requirement will remain on the landscape for the long-term.


Implement perpetual conservation easements through the registration of a conservation interest on the land title – 
April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Benefits to Waterfowl, Wetlands-Associated Species, and/or Other Wildlife

The habitat protected through this project will be located in high priority NAWMP Target Landscapes with breeding pair usage
greater than 30 pairs per square mile.

Relevance to Habitat Planning, Decision Making and/or Management

This project will directly provide wetland conservation through the permanent protection of approximately 825 acres of wetlands within
areas defined by Manitoba’s North American Waterfowl Management Plan implementation document as waterfowl production hot-spots
(i.e. Target Landscapes). In addition, a further 825 acres of surrounding upland habitat will also be preserved, thereby providing nesting
habitat for waterfowl as appropriate to their nesting requirements. The retention of this upland habitat will also serve to maintain the
wetland’s larger ecological functions and provide ancillary habitat for associated birds.

This project will provide ancillary benefits to society at-large. These benefits include 1) the preservation of natural habitats that can be
used for recreational purposes, 2) the retention of surface waters that can minimize flood risk and damage, 3) provide improvements to
water quality, and 4) provide a source of fresh water for agricultural needs (i.e. livestock) and human use through the replenishment of

Project Location

Prairie Pothole Region (Bird Conservation Region 11)

The project will be delivered within “Target Landscapes” and the “Delivery Area” as defined within the Manitoba NAWMP Implementation


Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Stephen Carlyle, Program Development Manager, The Manitoba Habitat Heritage
Corporation, Winnipeg MB.