Hunter and Wetland Education Project, 2015-16

Goals and Objectives

In 2014 -15 WHC supported an initiative proposed by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada to hold a Canadian Wetlands Leadership Forum, as part of a broader Canadian Wetlands Leadership Project. This proposal seeks funding to continue where the forum left of in developing a vision, case statement for engagement and ultimately a National Wetlands Conservation Strategy for Canada.

Key elements of a National strategy would include:

  • National standards for wetland policy, including a consistent definition of “wetland”
  • Cross-jurisdictional coordination of the approach to wetland policy implementation, including national standards for mitigation and compensation in the face of development with negative impacts to wetlands
  • Implementation of a national wetland inventory
  • Coordination of science-based, economic and ecological evaluation of various wetland functions
  • Acceleration of the development and evaluation of market-based compensation schemes to provide incentives to private landowners to conserve and restore wetlands
  • Other practical support mechanisms for conserving wetlands
  • Improved awareness of the benefits of wetlands among the public and resource agencies

The goals of this project are:

  • Development of a collaborative approach to wetlands conservation in Canada
  • Establishment of web –based network and leadership council
  • Development of National Wetlands Conservation Strategy
  • Plan for National workshop on wetland environmental services

Relevance to Habitat Planning, Decision Making and/or Management

The Outcomes will include the formalization of a National Leadership council. Securement of ongoing partner funding, specific deliverables include the case statement for participation in a Canadian Wetlands Leadership Council, as a membership based body, and an outline for a National Wetlands Conservation Strategy. A Wetlands oriented Ecological Goods and Services workshop will also be planned to be held in 2016.

Participants in the forum agreed that such coordinated effort would be critical to the long term conservation of wetland habitat in Canada.

Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Drew Black, Ottawa, ON.