Hen House Installations on Private Lands in Southern New Brunswick, 2016-2017

Project by the SNB Wood Co-operative.

Location: Kings & Queens counties, NB.
Sussex, Hampton,  Belleisle Bay, Alma, Cambridge Narrows and Wickham, NB.

For more information on this project, please contact Jamie Floyd, Forester, Sussex, NB.


The purpose of this project is to improve the quality and quantity of productive nesting sites for mallard hens on private lands in our region.  Over the past several years, we have been seeing many of the traditional mallard nesting areas become less and less productive.  This has been mainly due to the increased predation from coyotes, foxes, raccoons and skunks.  Late spring, heavy/flash flooding has also aided to the destruction of many nesting sites, of which some ducks will nest again but quite often it may be too late in the season.  With the addition of these elevated and predator deterred hen houses, we hope to provide some assistance to the nesting hens and in turn improve their populations on private lands.

Long-term conservation impacts and benefits

Increased hen nesting success will improve duck populations and in the future hunter/observer experiences as well.

New tools, methodologies, landscape practices or protocols

The new type of management tool used for this project will be the constuction/use of 50 hen houses/”factories” designed by Delta Waterfowl.   The design can be found on their website at www.deltawaterfowl.org.


There will be 25 private landowners participating in this project.  We will be providing open house meetings in November/December in our 7 Districts of our SNB Board area.  Each District will have ~7 nests allocated to it to spread out the nests as far as possible and to reach as many landowners as possible.  In the past we have selected the sites before and have found when we hold our annual fall district meetings, many owners wanted to participate but we could not accommodate them. All sites were determined between Nov.-Dec, of 2015.