Enhancing waterfowl habitat and producing ducks, ALUS and Hen Houses in Prairie Canada 2012-2013

Final Project Report: Enhancing waterfowl habitat and producing ducks, ALUS and Hen Houses in Prairie Canada, 2012-2013

Goals and Objectives

This project focuses on the communications and outreach components of Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) in Alberta
and Saskatchewan. These efforts follow the establishment of new habitat restoration, enhancement, and conservation projects
on private land in selected communities using ALUS as the delivery model. These communication and outreach efforts are
used extensively to engage landowners and community involvement at the local level, as well as at the regional and provincial
level to raise awareness amongst landowners and citizens, farm groups and policy-makers.

The purpose of ALUS is to work with and provide incentives to farmers and ranchers to environmentally enhance their land. By
providing an alternative to the traditional agricultural markets, we can work with producers to provide an array of environmental
goods and services that will benefit waterfowl populations and all of society. Included in these services are enhanced habitats
that will improve biodiversity and provide a better landscape for nesting ducks.

In addition to the ALUS effort in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Delta is looking to enhance duck production using Hen Houses in the pothole region in Manitoba. These Hen Houses elevate nesting success to around 70%, much higher than they experience on the ground. These artificial nests are the most cost effective way we have of producing mallards. 


Continue to implement the ALUS communications strategy; use websites, newsletters, brochures, and other media in both counties and across the province to deliver key information.

Conduct outreach to engage landowners, citizens, and decision-makers to participate:
-Host tours and workshops
-Present ALUS at a variety of forums

Construct and install 200 Hen Houses in pothole country of MB.

Relevance to Habitat Planning, Decision Making and/or Management

ALUS will see a direct impact on wetland, riparian, and upland habitat through actual on farm demonstration projects. These areas will be leveraged to communicate how ALUS works with producer’s interests in mind and achieves the environmental benefits society wants. Hen Houses will have a direct impact on mallard production.

Project Location

County of Vermilion River, AB, Parkland County, AB. RMs of Lajord, Francis, South Qu ‘Appelle, & Indian Head, SK. Odanah, Shoal Lake, MB.

These ALUS projects have been strategically selected to ensure the efforts have a broad reach to a number of audiences. Parkland County is located upstream along the North Saskatchewan River and adjacent to the capital city of Edmonton. The four RMs that make up the Saskatchewan ALUS project are also upstream of the capital city of Regina (and close by).

Project Contact

For more information on this project, please contact Jim Fisher, Director of Conservation Policy, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, Winnipeg, MB