Celebrating 100 years of bird conservation in Canada

Project by Nature Canada.

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For more information on this project, please contact Ted Cheskey, Senior Conservation Manager, Bird Conservation and Networks, Ottawa, ON. 


This project is about celebrating the centenary of the Migratory Bird Convention (MBC) and the 30th anniversary of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) with Canadians on International Migratory Bird Day’s pan-Canadian bird festivals and celebrations. As the official Canadian partner of Environment for the Americas, Nature Canada is privileged to use this event to amplify bird conservation messages and celebrate the centenary of the Migratory Bird Convention and the 30th anniversary of the NAWMP.  This will be accomplished with 6 key events with partners in Quebec (Regroupement Quebec Oiseaux), Ontario (Nature Canada and the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory), Saskatchewan (Nature Saskatchewan), Alberta (Nature Alberta/Alberta Stewardship Centre) and British Columbia (Friends of Shoal Harbour), and material support for dozens of events in other localities across the country. We will use key messaging from the State of North American Birds (SONAB), 2016 to coincide with the Trilateral Meetings between Canada, the United States and Mexico.   As a partner in the development and release of the SONAB, we are in an excellent position to celebrate and promote the MBC and the NAWMP on the international stage.  Wetland and waterfowl conservation and the achievements of these key international agreements will be a focus of our events and outreach and promotional materials which will include a new conservation bookmark, a revision of the Junior Birder’s Guide to include a page on the MBC and NAWMP, and promotion of the official IMBD poster in Canada.    

Contribution to  Goal #3 of the 2012 NAWMP Revision: “Growing numbers of waterfowl hunters, other conservationists, and citizens who enjoy and actively support waterfowl and wetlands conservation.

Waterfowl hunters, conservationists, bird enthusiasts and all Canadians have much to celebrate and reflect on in 2016: the centenary of the most important international conservation agreement in the first half of the 20th century – the Migratory Bird Convention (MBC), and the 30th anniversary of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan  (NAWMP), the agreement that has reversed declining waterfowl populations.   These exemplary contributions will be celebrated at International Migratory Bird Day events across Canada in 2016.  Nature Canada is the best-placed organization to co-ordinate these activities because over the past 4 years we have developed increasing expertise in delivering IMBD events as the Canadian partner of Environment for the Americas. 

Last year, we provided materials for 40 events across Canada.  In 2016, with regional partners across the country, we will hold events and develop key messaging, resources and communications products to inform Canadians, increase their awareness, engage them in personal conservation actions, and provide opportunities for them to join in local stewardship activities.  We will focus on new Canadians and recent immigrants to Canada who may not know the legacies and implications of the MBC and the NAWMP.   In so doing, we hope to recruit new people into the range of conservation activities from hunting to citizen science.  We will incorporate the State of North American birds publication into events, and use the document’s key messages with regard to the legacy of the MBC and the NAWMP in our outreach.