Art Competition Rules

Participation in the art competition is by invitation only. 

For new Canadian artists wishing to participate please send an artist’s CV and a website link where your artwork can be viewed (or provide samples of your work) to:

Katherine McCran-Leach

Program Administrator / Executive Assistant

Upon receiving an invitation to compete, a detailed competition package, including the “Artist Agreement,” will be provided.

1. Artist Eligibility

Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are eligible to participate in the art competition at the invitation of Wildlife Habitat Canada. If the participant is under the age of 18, a letter of consent signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian is required and must accompany the confirmation of intent to compete.

Persons who have won the art competition, or those who were commissioned to produce a painting for the image of the Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp during the preceding three (3) years, are ineligible to submit an entry in the current year’s art competition.

Members of the art competition judging panel, employees and members of the Board of Directors of Wildlife Habitat Canada, employees of the Federal Department of the Environment or Members of Parliament and their immediate families and relatives are ineligible to submit an entry.

2. Subject Matter of Submissions

The painting must portray the eligible waterfowl species / migratory game bird in its breeding plumage and natural habitat.


As this is a Wildlife Habitat Conservation Program, habitat must be clearly defined. A landscape design must be incorporated into the painting along with the traditional image of the waterfowl in its breeding plumage.

As the primary purpose of the painting is the production of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp, the painting must be painted in such a way that the painting (or the cropped portion of the painting) can effectively be reduced to stamp size. This is the most common reason for elimination of a painting from the competition by the judges. Submissions that are dark, busy, or have low contrast, will not reduce effectively to stamp size as they can lose their clarity and detail when reduced.

Please see 7. Competition Judging (below) for more information on the areas that each painting will be judged on.

3. Submission

Invited artists may submit only one (1) original entry. Entries must be an original multi-coloured painting in the artist’s choice of medium (no reproductions).

4. Competition Deadline

The 2019 competition has now passed.  Please check back for details regarding the 2020 art competition. 

The selected species for the 2020 art competition is:

Northern Pintail (Anas acuta)

“The pintail is a graceful swimmer, riding lightly on the surface with its tail pointing upwards, its general attitude suggestive of a swan.” 

Source: Waterfowl of Eastern North American, by Chris G. Earley.

Photo credit: Peter McAllister









Submissions must be sent to:

Wildlife Habitat Canada 
Attention: Katherine McCran-Leach
Suite 247 – 2039 Robertson Road
Ottawa, ON   K2H 8R2

5. Confirmation of Intent to Participate

Wildlife Habitat Canada requires all artists who intend to participate in the competition to notify us by email (, phone (1-800-669-7919 x266) or fax (613-722-3318)

6. Entry Fee

The entry fee for the art competition is $30.00. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Wildlife Habitat Canada and must accompany all entries.

7. Competition Judging

A minimum of five independent judges, one of which will be an ornithologist, will be selected by Wildlife Habitat Canada and Environment Canada to serve without compensation except for reasonable transportation and accommodation expenses.

Entries will be judged on the basis of:

  • anatomical and habitat accuracy as depicted in breeding plumage and season;
  • artistic composition;
  • originality; and
  • technical suitability for reproduction as a Wildlife Habitat Conservation stamp and a lithograph print.
         -Will the painting reproduce well to the 1 1/4″ x 2″ stamp and 6 1/2″ x 9″ print? 
         -Does the painting design allow space for the required text (below) to be incorporated on the stamp?

                   Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp
                   Timbre sur la conservation des habitats fauniques du Canada

 8. Return of Entries

All entries, with the exception of the winning painting, will be returned by Canada Post or courier (uninsured) within 90 days of completion of the public exhibit(s).  The winning painting must remain in the possession of WHC until March 31, 2019 (end of 2018 Program Year).