History of the Canadian Duck Stamp

1985 Bateman with stamp

The first Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (also known as the Canadian Duck Stamp) was issued in 1985, and featured a pair of Mallards painted by world-renowned Canadian Wildlife Artist, Robert Bateman. The Canadian Duck Stamp, much like the Federal Duck Stamp in the United States, was created to raise critical funds for habitat conservation efforts across Canada.

Beginning in 1985, a Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit was only valid if a Canadian Duck Stamp was affixed. Funds from the Canadian Duck Stamp began being directed to Wildlife Habitat Canada to fund its conservation grant program. Today, the price of the Canadian Duck Stamp is $8.50 (a price that has not changed since 1991).

The Canadian Duck Stamp is purchased primarily by waterfowl hunters to validate their Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit; however, it is also sold to those who purchase a limited edition print, stamp collectors and individuals interested in contributing to the conservation of wildlife habitat in Canada.

Since the establishment of the Conservation Grant Program in 1985, Wildlife Habitat Canada has provided over $50 million in grants to more than 1,500 habitat conservation projects across Canada.

The success of the program has been made possible through the support of the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian wildlife artists, and of course, the waterfowl and migratory game bird hunting community.

Did you know…?

  • The image for the Canadian Duck Stamp has also been used to create collectible stamp products (e.g., souvenir booklet, corner blocks, 16-pane) and limited edition prints.
  • The 2016 Canadian Duck Stamp, whose image was created by Pierre Leduc of Stoneham (QC), represents the 32nd Stamp in the series.
  • Famous Canadian wildlife artist, Robert Bateman, has had his work featured on three Canadian Duck Stamps: 1985 (Mallards), 1988 (Pintails), and 2009 (Lesser Scaup).
  • Pierre Leduc is the most decorated Canadian Duck Stamp artist – his work has been featured on 4 Stamps: 1995 (Redhead), 2002 (King Eider), 2006 (Brant Geese) and 2016 (Surf Scoters)!
1995   2002   2006 stamp   2017 stamp image

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Stamps are available in four formats:

  The image on the Stamp is also available as a:
  • Mint Stamp
  • Limited Edition Print
  • Artist Signed Stamp
  • Medallion Edition Print
  • Corner Block
  • Executive Edition Print
  • 16-pane Stamp Sheet

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Original Canadian Duck Stamp Art

Wildlife Habitat Canada has some of the original paintings that were featured on the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (Canadian Duck Stamp) available for sale.

Click here to view some of the pieces currently available.