1985 Bateman – Limited Edition Print


The first Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Limited Edition Print.

Limited Edition Prints are numbered out of 41,740 and signed by the Artist.

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Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation lithographic Print featuring the painting image, “Mallard Pair – Early Winter.” Painting by Canadian wildlife artist, Robert Bateman.

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    • An Artist-signed Stamp purchase is required with all editions.

The Stamp comes in a souvenir booklet

To learn more about the artist and painting click here.

In 1985, world-renowned Canadian Wildlife Artist, Robert Bateman, painted a pair of Mallards standing near a pond as a special tribute to conservation efforts across Canada. This image was the beginning of a new tradition in Canada. Similar to the US Federal Duck Stamp, The Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp became a means to raise funds for conservation and draw attention to the importance of wildlife and their habitats.

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