NAWMP and Joint Ventures

North American Waterfowl Management Plan

“The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) is an international partnership to conserve abundant and resilient waterfowl populations and sustainable landscapes, through management decisions based on strong biological foundations. The plan engages the community of users and supporters committed to conservation and valuing waterfowl.” –

Joint Ventures

“The Joint Ventures are partnerships that focus on areas or species of concern identified in the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Each Joint Venture includes a range of partners from federal, provincial and local governments, to conservation organizations.  Implementation and Strategic Plans form the basis for planning of programs and individual projects.” –

Habitat Joint Ventures

“The four Canadian (or Canadian portion of the four) Habitat Joint Ventures integrate planning, science, governance, partnerships, and management to achieve NAWMP goals in Canada through a programmatic approach. A science-based implementation plan is created to address local, regional and continental goals. Joint Venture partners actively research, monitor and evaluate waterfowl populations, and deliver habitat conservation programs at a regional level.”

Canadian Habitat Joint Venture Implementation / Strategic Plans can be viewed at:

Species Joint Ventures

Species Joint Ventures are international in scope, spanning North America and including circumpolar countries. These joint ventures focus on critical science needs to inform the management of over 20 species (50+ populations) and their related habitats. Additionally, research directed through the species joint ventures addresses questions for other bird species that share the habitats.”

Species Joint Venture Implementation / Strategic Plans can be viewed at:


If you have questions about the Habitat or Species Joint Venture that applies to your project/project area, please contact the appropriate Joint Venture Coordinator.