vice-chair of the nominating committee

Christie-Lee Hazzard

GIS Project Specialist
Regional Municipality of York

Christie-Lee is a waterfowl hunter and conservationist, who is passionate about the preservation of wetland and waterfowl habitats in Canada. She enjoys connecting people with the natural environment through storytelling and believes that stories can inform and inspire people to connect with and act for nature – success in conservation depends on getting the right connection between people and nature.

Throughout her career Christie-Lee has worked for various levels of government, non-government agencies and non-profits as well as running her own consulting business. As a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP), she specializes in harnessing the power of spatial information to address complex conservation and environmental challenges, allow for visualization of the landscape for research, monitoring, planning and management activities and create compelling stories. Christie-Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences, a master’s degree in biological sciences and a post-graduate GIS application specialist certificate.

During her downtime, Christie-Lee enjoys time outdoors wandering and exploring with her family, her two Labradors and a cup of coffee.