The Canadian Habitat Conservation Stamp (also known as the Canadian Duck Stamp), which raises funds to support habitat conservation efforts in Canada, is purchased primarily by waterfowl and migratory game bird hunters to validate the Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit.

But did you know that the Canadian Duck Stamp is also purchased by collectors and individuals interested in supporting conservation?

Funds raised from the Canadian Duck Stamp support Wildlife Habitat Canada’s Conservation Grant Program, which has invested over $50M in grants to more than 1,500 habitat conservation projects across Canada since 1985.

The benefits of the Canadian Duck Stamp extend beyond waterfowl hunters; they extend to the birdwatching community and the general public as well! Protecting important habitat means protecting the special places that a multitude of wildlife calls home.

Without habitat, there is no wildlife… it’s that simple!!

According to the Canadian Nature Survey (2012), more than two thirds of Canadian adults choose to spend time outdoors to experience nature and approximately 4.7M Canadians (18%) participate in birding activities at an average of 133 days a year. That’s once every 2.7 days!

Imagine all the good that could be done if more of the public supported conservation efforts by purchasing a Canadian Duck Stamp! That would mean more money for critical habitat conservation, research, education and stewardship efforts, leading to better protection of Canada’s special places and wildlife.



Photo: Rousseau Collections Stamps & Coins


Photo: Intervale Associates

Did you know…?

The provinces with the highest percentage of adult Canadians participating in birding are:

  • Yukon (27%),
  • PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (all tied at 23%), and
  • Saskatchewan (22%).

(Source: Canadian Nature Survey, 2012)