Dr. Serge Larivière

Executive Director
Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Board

Serge is a wildlife biologist living in Québec, Canada. Serge started following his father, an avid outdoors man, on his duck hunts on the St. Lawrence River at a young age and eventually became a waterfowler himself. Throughout his travels for school or work, he was fortunate to hunt in many provinces and states across North America. Serge’s passion for wetlands and waterfowl started early, with one of his first jobs doing wetland inventories for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry when he was just 19 years old!

After several years as a wildlife researcher working on projects dealing with the predation of duck eggs in the Canadian prairies, Serge now works as the Executive Director for the Cree Hunters and Trappers Income Security Board, an Aboriginal group that helps Indigenous hunters and trappers maintain their traditional way of life.

Serge’s passion for the outdoors and the combination of his administrative and biological expertise make him a valuable asset for the WHC Board of Directors!