Laura King

President, Nature Newfoundland and Labrador

Laura is a naturalist, wild food enthusiast, educator, community leader, and biologist who enjoys working at the intersection of science, social issues, and outdoor adventure. She is interested in the changing landscapes of conservation, the ways we relate to our spaces and species, and how recreation can be used as a pathway that draws people to wildlife conservation (as it did for her). Other professional interests include migratory bird declines, species at risk, protected areas, and the development of pro-environmental behaviours and policies. She has worked with universities, Environment and Climate Change Canada, a Joint Venture partner, non-profits, and charities over the past ten years of her career.

Laura holds a BScH and MSc in Biology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Endangered Species Recovery. She is happiest when translating her passions into action and is an instructor and volunteer with the NL Becoming an Outdoorswoman program, an active member of Paddle NL and the Wildflower Society of NL, and President at Nature NL. Her philosophies for outdoor life are “No such thing as bad weather, only bad gear”, “Cotton kills”, and of course “It’ll be an adventure!”.

Twitter @LaurasWildlife

Instagram lauras.wildlife