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In 1984 a group of like-minded conservationists came together, representing provincial wildlife agencies, grass roots conservation organizations and Environment Canada.

This joint task force had one goal in mind: to come up with a program that could protect, restore and enhance vital wildlife and their habitats across the country. The founding Board of Directors established what is now Wildlife Habitat Canada, a national, non-profit, charitable conservation organization with a powerful message:

“We envision a future where Canadians share a conservation ethic that recognizes the fundamental importance of wildlife habitats that are abundant, rich and support biodiversity.”


Our primary goal is to find effective solutions to address problems facing wildlife habitat.

Through an established agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada, we administer a conservation grant program by providing funds for on-the-ground habitat conservation projects and report on their impact and influence.

We also participate in numerous committees and councils at a national and international level. We advocate for the protection of migratory birds and their habitats to ensure that they remain a vital part of conservation efforts in Canada.

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WHC’s first Board of Directors in 1984

Top Row: Dave Neave, Robert Bateman, Art Smith, and David Suzuki
Front Row: Louise Beaubien Lepage, Bob Deloury, Stew Morrison, and Rich Goulden.
Abundant and diverse wildlife populations and habitats in Canada.
Conserve wildlife habitat in Canada through wise conservation investments.
  • Leverage funding available for Canadian wildlife habitat conservation.
  • Conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat in order to retain the diversity, distribution and abundance of wildlife.
  • Foster coordination and leadership in the conservation community across Canada (for wildlife habitat).

History of the Stamp

In 1985, world-renowned Canadian Wildlife Artist, Robert Bateman, painted a pair of Mallards standing near a pond. As a special tribute to conservation efforts across Canada, this image was the beginning of a new tradition in Canada. Similar to the US Federal Duck Stamp, The Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (CWHC) became a means to raise funds for conservation and draw attention to the importance of wildlife and their habitats.

The Stamp was integrated into the licencing process for Migratory Game Bird Hunters (MGBH) and is required to validate the permit.  As part of a special agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada, all funds from the sale of the Stamp are directed to WHC to fund our conservation grant program.

Today, the Stamp is a symbol of conservation, Canadian art and waterfowl hunters’ contribution to the protection of wildlife and their habitats. The image on the Stamp is selected every year through an art competition. The first art competition was held for the 1990 Stamp image. Prior to that, pieces were commissioned from Canadian wildlife artists such as Robert Bateman, J. Fenwick Lansdowne, George McLean and Jean-Luc Grondin. All winning paintings are unique Canadian pieces, selected based on accuracy and originality. Framed prints of each image can also be purchased as part of the program.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, including two (2) Environment and Climate Change Canada electees, and (2) representatives of the Provincial and Territorial Wildlife Directors.

Susan Gesner

Chair of the Board

Ian Barnett

Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee

Crystal Robertson


Michael Anderson

Vice-Chair of the Board

Lyle Saigeon

Vice Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee

Marc Cattet


Dean Smith

Chair of the Nominating Committee

Blair Adams


Christie-Lee Hazzard

Vice-Chair of the Nominating Committee

Blake Schmirler


There are three subcommittees within our Board:

  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Executive Committee

Our Staff

Cameron Mack

Cameron Mack

Executive Director

(613) 722-2090 x 224



Cam joined Wildlife Habitat Canada as its Executive Director in 2014. He has worked in fish and wildlife conservation for four decades, including as Director of Fish and Wildlife, Great Lakes, Natural Resources Science and Information, and Applied Research and Development Branches in the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.  Nationally, Cam represented Ontario on the Canadian Wildlife Directors Committee and was provincial Co-Chair of the Canada-Ontario Fisheries Advisory Board.  Internationally, he served for 10 years as the Canadian Director on the Executive Committee of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

Jessica Burns

Jessica Burns

Program Director

(613) 722-2090 x 264



Jessica joined the WHC team in 2019. She has a passion for nature and a spirit for collaboration; believing that incredible things are achievable with the right amount of bravery, sound judgement and communication. Jessica holds a BA in Sociology from Queen’s University and extensive executive and grant administration experience, across private, government and non-profit organizations. Prior to joining WHC, Jessica spent 5yrs with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority working in Integrated Watershed Management.

Pierre Vary

Pierre Vary

Director of Finance and Administration

(613) 722-2090 x 201



Pierre joined the WHC team as the Director of Finance and Administration in 2012. Previously, Pierre worked in management and finance within the private sector for over 35 years.

Sonia Blanchard

Sonia Blanchard

Project Manager, LTCF

(613) 722-2090 x 223



Sonia joined the WHC Team as a Program Assistant in 2020.  She is passionate about wildlife and the protection of their ecosystems.

Sonia has worked as an event manager and executive assistant for national and provincial not-for profit organizations, and has spent the last 6 years working on educational programs as a program coordinator.

Marylouisse Feliciano

Marylouisse Feliciano

Program Assistant, LTCF

(613) 722-2090 x 200



Marylouisse joined the WHC team in 2022. She has a Masters in Environmental Science and has worked on provincial grants in the past. She is passionate about protected area conservation and policy and hopes to make an impact towards Canada’s completion of its conservation and biodiversity targets.

Kylie Graham

Kylie Graham

Project Manager - Stamp and CCAP Program

(613) 722-2090 x 265



Kylie joined WHC in 2020 as a co-op student through Carleton University in Ottawa. She is committed to the conservation of important ecosystems in Canada and is passionate about the health of wildlife habitat. After graduating in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, Kylie took on the position of Administrative Assistant to the Habitat Conservation Stamp Initiative Grant. Since then, Kylie has become our Project Manager for the Habitat Conservation Stamp Initiative and the Community Conservation Action Program.


Kim Cranfield

Kim Cranfield

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

(613) 722-2090 x 225



Kim joined the WHC team in 2023 as the Communications & Marketing Coordinator. She has worked in marketing since 2006 with experience in a variety of industries throughout her career. She has a passion for wildlife, and the outdoors, and is excited to be able to align her passions and experience to contribute to the health of wildlife habitat in Canada. Prior to joining WHC, Kim spent 2 years with the Peterborough and Kawarthas Association of REALTORS®.

Jennifer Collard

Jennifer Collard

Grant Administrator - Stamp and CCAP Program

(613) 722-2090 x 222



Jennifer completed her BA in Environmental Studies at Carleton in 2008. Shortly afterwards, her adventurous side called her to teach and travel in Brazil for 6 months, and she spent the 8 years afterwards working in the travel industry with a focus on ecotourism and adventure travel.

After the shake up of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer is happy to return to her first passion: working to support the protection of biodiversity, wild spaces, and ecological integrity.

Annual Reports

Our reports tell the story of what we do and why it’s important. Wildlife Habitat Canada is a unique environmental organization in that we create an intersection for Canadian Wildlife Art, Waterfowl hunting and important conservation issues.

Since 1985 we have been a catalyst for conservation by advocating and providing funds for habitat restoration, conservation networking and research on all matters related to waterfowl and wetlands.

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