The Stamp

Through WHC’s grant program, funds generated by the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (Canadian Duck Stamp) are invested in habitat conservation projects and hunter education and recruitment projects across Canada.

Two such projects that were supported by Canadian Duck Stamp funds are research studies by Dr. Howard Harshaw, Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, titled, “Understanding the dynamics of people’s interactions with waterfowl: Assessing hunters’ preferences for waterfowl management in Canada” and “National assessment of waterfowl hunter recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) programs in Canada.” These studies are part of a larger North American initiative to explore and understand how the public interacts with waterfowl, including what attracts people to waterfowl hunting and what keeps them interested in it.


Prairie Waterfowl Hunting Survey

Dr. Harshaw is currently working on a study specific to Alberta waterfowl hunters that is examining the constraints to initial engagement, and continued participation, in waterfowl hunting. The results of this study will better inform the management and planning of waterfowl and wetlands across jurisdictions and are expected to influence provincial and national policy and management strategies for conservation and stewardship.

If you received a letter in the mail inviting you to participate in this study, your name was randomly selected from a list of people that purchased a Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp (Canadian Duck Stamp).

To access the survey, please click here.

You will be prompted to input your Access Code, which is identified in the letter that was mailed to you.