2018-2019 Annual Report

< 2018-2019 Annual Report

Thanks to the thousands of waterfowl hunters and others in Canada who purchase the Stamp, WHC is able to conserve, enhance and restore wildlife habitat across the country.

The money from Stamp sales enabled WHC to invest $1,280,000 in grants to 39 different projects. This allowed us to leverage more than $4.4 million in additional partner revenue to support conservation activities. The result? More than 12,278 hectares (30,340 acres) of valuable wildlife habitat being conserved, enhanced or restored through the efforts of more than 21,525 participants.

The State of Canada’s Birds 2019 confirms that over the past 50 years, waterfowl populations have recovered by 150%, and that our conservation partnerships have worked very well. The cost of the Canadian duck stamp, a key conservation partnership, has remained the same since 1991. It is time for a price increase so that WHC can keep making this positive impact.” Wm. Michael Phippen, Outgoing Chair, Wildlife Habitat Canada Board of Directors