Wildlife Habitat Canada shines a light on the Wood Duck

Announcing the 34th Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp for 2018

This year, we are putting the spotlight on the Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa).  The painting, entitled  Autumn Colours – Wood Duck by WHC seasoned artist Pierre Girard from Sorel-Tracy, QC., features ‘three peaceful Wood Ducks on a tree trunk emerging from the water on a foggy morning.’

This piece of art is more than just brush strokes on a canvas, it is a representation of a long history of collaboration between the art community, waterfowl hunters and conservation.  Every year, we select a new painting to adorn the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp.  As waterfowl hunters go to purchase their migratory game bird hunting permits, they are required to purchase the affixed Stamp for validation.   Proceeds from the sale of these Stamps are directed to conservation projects all over Canada through WHC’s grant program.

To view the press release for our new Stamp image, click here.

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