The Federal Government has answered a call for conservation with the 2018 budget

Wildlife Habitat Canada is happy the hear about the major investment as part of the federal budget 2018 for conservation initiatives.  As a member of the Green Budget Coalition (GBC), we  were happy to see some of our recommendations included in the budget such as supporting species at risk, migratory bird sanctuaries and protected areas as well as opportunities for Indigenous-led conservation efforts. These are positive steps toward securing the country’s social, economic and ecological prosperity.

The Government’s new $1-billion Nature Fund, consisting of $500 million in federal funds and $500 million in matching funds from conservation and other partners, shows a strong commitment to collaborative conservation. The Nature Fund can be used for conservation efforts on private land, which are often at the greatest risk and represent significant gains for biodiversity.

WHC strongly supports The Green Budget Coalition’s recommendations made to the federal government in the report back in September 2017 and we are happy to see so many of these ideas reflected in the budget 2018.  In working with the GBC, we strive to collaborate on their mission to present analysis of the most pressing issues regarding environmental sustainability in Canada and to make a consolidated annual set of recommendations to the federal government. 

We support the preservation of Canada’s biodiversity and the overall health of Canadians. Our granting program provides funds for conservation projects all across Canada thanks to a special agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  We are thrilled to see the Government’s recognition of the importance of conservation and wildlife habitats for Canada with this budget.

One of best partners, Ducks Unlimited offers insight into why this budget is so important for waterfowl and wetlands in Canada.  Check out the article, here