Environment and Climate Change Canada wants to hear from you!


The Canadian Wildlife Service  of ECCC is conducting a public consultation regarding the increase of the cost of your Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and MGBH permit.  They are looking for feedback from you on whether you agree with this proposal and why.  WHC encourages anyone to send in comments on this proposal because it has a direct impact on wildlife habitat conservation in Canada.

As you consider this idea, keep in mind a few facts:

  1.  The price of the Stamp ($8.50) has not changed since 1991. Inflation and a reduction in the number of waterfowl hunters over this period have significantly reduced the impact that Stamp funds have on the conservation of wetlands and migratory game bird habitat.
  2.  Revenue derived from the sale of the Stamp is transferred to Wildlife Habitat Canada to fund wildlife habitat conservation projects across Canada.
  3. Stamp funds are also used to support and increase waterfowl hunting participation,
  4. The additional Stamp revenues will further the federal government’s ability to meet its objectives for conserving wetlands and waterfowl populations as well as contributing to Canada’s climate change objectives
  5.  In recent years, our grants program has fallen short of being able to provide sufficient funds for all of our applicants. Conservation groups with important projects are being rejected due to a lack of funds.

To view a FACT SHEET explaining how a Stamp Increase will benefit conservation in Canada, CLICK HERE

To review the proposal set forth by ECCC, CLICK HERE

Comments and feedback can be emailed to: ec.ReglementsFaune-WildlifeRegulations.ec@canada.ca

Or by mail to:

Wildlife Management and Regulatory Affairs Division
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment and Climate Change Canada
351  St-Joseph Boulevard 16th floor
Place Vincent Massey
Gatineau QC K1A 0H3

The deadline to submit is March 21st, 2018

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